My Life by Billy Collins
Thursday Home Patch Beauty
Scavenger Hunt Challenge: Poetry

5 June 2020
All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Corpus Christi
Music: Ubi Caritas by Jacques Berthier

Mr. Pippin will turn 11 next week. I sit at my dining table for online Morning Prayer and Compline. This has become Pippin’s chair during our prayers.
He is developing a fan club!

21 April 2020

Emmy Louise running around The Bishop Jones Center. When she stops, she’s looking to me for directions – I “cast” her to the right and off she goes. #UKLabs

Written by Cameron Bellm

Compline: 15 April 2020

Morning Prayer, 20 March 2020, Thomas Ken

Hummingbird at dawn, photo by The Rev. Cynthia McKenna
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